Biotech data analytics

Because Data is Nothing without Service

For operational intelligence, turn to 3 Prime Analytics–where we pair real-world expertise with modern-day solutions.

Data Analytics Services Designed

for the Biotech Industry

What we’ve come to learn is that data is just data, but data with service equals real world outcomes for the biotech and specialty pharmaceutical industries.

“We replaced our incumbent Data Warehouse partner with Prime. Turned out to be a great decision as we just went live coincident with our product launch. We are very happy that we took the chance.”

Bill Wallace

CIO Urogen

The Difference Lies In Trusting The Data

There’s a difference in having the data, and knowing the data you have is right.

3 Prime Analytics prides itself on our relationships, and the outcomes we are able to support, working hand-in-hand with our clients.

Some of Our Clients

UroGen Pharma
SK Life Science

Efficient operations

Service before everything

3 Prime Analytics provides the services that our clients aren’t able to do–be it because of resources, timing, or a more junior team. Learn more about how we support our client’s biggest operational decisions.

Expert support

Experience on demand

Our combined experience creates an expertise in commercial life sciences that feels like trusted advisors to your biotech business. Feel confident in your marketing, sales and operations with 3 Prime Analytics as an extension of your team.


Accelerate your decisions.

Accelerate your business.

Kick up what you need, quickly. Our tech stack was purposefully designed to understand the patient, practitioner and payer, and you–the company that needs the insights for their biotech commercialization process.

Some of our services


Operational Intelligence

Managed Services

Cloud Infrastructure

Find out what our most successful clients say about us

They’re the translators of the business needs and they know how to implement

Prime’s data platform allowed us to integrate seamlessly with our specialty data providers.  The platform’s flexibility is impressive, and it provides us with the ability to manage our reference data through a console.  A major leap in functionality over the other platforms that I have seen.