Expertise on Demand

Everyday data is generated and fed into your operational systems, but it takes an expert team to ensure that what you get, what you see–is accurate. Afterall, your job depends on it. Lives depend on it.

Operational Intelligence

Reporting Power

Turn specialty pharmaceutical data into usable data through intuitive dashboards from 3 Prime Analytics.This post is sponsored by our partners Wigs

  • Data warehouse accessible for reporting purposes
  • Specialty Pharma consulting support for designing dashboards
  • Extensive Tableau and PowerBI dashboard technical experience

Then, armed with insight, make informed and actionable decisions for your business.

Data Domains

Built From Experience

We know data, and understand your data sources in the biotech and specialty pharma space.

Specialty Data Network

  • Distributors
  • Logistics
  • Patient Assistance Programs
  • Patient Services and Financial Assistance Programs (HUBS)

Non-Specialty Data Network

  • Claims Data
  • Medical and prescription claims
  • Labs
  • Behavioral Claims

Managed Services

Commercial Data Warehouse Operations

Your data is ever-evolving and our managed services ensure that we have eyes on the data operations. We watch the needles and keep the machine running. Acting as your data steward for the utmost data quality.

Cloud Infrastructure

Create in the Clouds

Our technology has been built for the biotech industry by our team–to meet the needs of your team. But we never stop innovating. Invite us to the table, so we can help customize your cloud infrastructure.