Designed for you

The Prime Data Environment ℠ accelerate the process of standing up specialty and rare disease data warehouses and repositories. We combine expertise with the most modern of technologies. Our tech stack was purposefully designed to meet the needs of the patient and practitioner and you–the company that needs the insights to make an impact.

At 3 Prime Analytics we have focused and tied in so many technologies to create a better data flow than conventional on-premise technologies that take much longer and are much more expensive.

“Some people call it a platform. I like to call it an accelerator because, if you had to write this from scratch and figure out all of the tools you’re going to use, and do everything from ground zero–it would take you six months. If you do what we do, it’s going to take you two months.”

Jim Steele

Handpicked technology partners

Pre commercial analytics

Prepare To Launch

3 Prime Analytics understands the need to be ready. That’s why we work with you before launch, when together we have the time to create a system that will work for you, your patients and your drug. Prepare to launch with pre commercial analytics that can scale with your in-market growth.

Prime Data Environment℠ Commercial Platform

  • Advanced agile, scalable and cost-efficient industry tested platform
  • Accelerated deployment with broad data source catalog
  • Ability to interface to and support other vendor platforms and data repositories
  • Accessible and extensible high speed operational data store