Operational intelligence is at the core of the commercialization processes for the biotech and specialty pharmaceutical industries. But what does operational intelligence mean? And more importantly, what does it mean to you and your business?

  • Operational intelligence means getting to market quicker.
  • Operational intelligence means a cleaner, more simplified commercialization process.
  • Operational intelligence means making better decisions–and being able to make them at the right time, with the right data.
  • Operational intelligence means you can optimize your sales and marketing efforts.

What does operational intelligence and 3 Prime Analytics have in common?

3 Prime fuels your operational intelligence. Through expert consultative services, a purposefully designed tech stack for biotech companies, and analytics that act as an extension of your team.

We’ve come to hone our services based on our combined experience in biotech and specialty pharmaceutical industries you serve. Our services are about getting the data, verifying the data, organizing the data and presenting the data in a way that is absorbable and actionable.

To get to operational intelligence benefits quicker–3 Prime is able to deliver:

  • Low-cost investment in provisioned and managed architecture
  • An on-shore/experienced team
  • Design and maintain on-going data operations
  • A true technical skills partnership with your team
  • A purposefully designed data management console
  • Full-set of data visualizations tools

Through operational intelligence you and your biotech company will be able to gain a deeper understanding of your target market, customer behavior and sales performance.