We were Prime Solutions before we became 3 Prime Analytics. That may not matter much to you now, but it matters a lot to us. 3 Prime Analytics, the rebrand, signifies our super team coming together and solidifying what we stand for.

What do we stand for you may ask?

We stand for service. At 3 Prime Analytics we believe that data is just data without service. But data with service; that is magic–especially to our focused clients base of biotech and specialty pharmaceutical companies working their hardest to commercialize drugs that save people.

Now, what does 3Prime mean?

The new name is reflective of who we are. First, 3 is a prime number–and we’re all about those. Second, we have 3 founders and third, we do analytics and we do them well for the biotech industry.

3Prime Analytics also leads with three benefits to our clients. Achieve even more efficient operations, gain expert support through seasoned consultants, and utilize a technology solution built purposefully for your industry.

We, 3 Prime Analytics, a data analytics consulting company, also have three foundational pillars of the organization:

  • Quality: we are relentless in achieving the highest level of data quality
  • Service: our team provide superior engagement through the implementation process and white glove service during operational support
  • Efficiency: our technology platform and experience drive innovative solutions that save time and provide a more cost-effective solution

The ‘Prime’ of 3 Prime Analytics embodies our unified belief that data is of prime importance to every key decision in every corporation and government organization today.

Finally, our organization can identify, establish and organize the ‘Analytics’ to drive effective decision making and outcomes for your organization.

Our rebranding reinforces our commitment to providing superior and high quality data analytics to our customers.

So…the new name, the new look–we’re ready. We’re ready to help you. We are 3 Prime Analytics.